1. Consistent branding across all channels increase revenue by 23%.

2. 82% of all investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand.

3. 94% of consumers will be loyal to companies that are transparent with their practices.

4. 91% of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand.

5. Loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase.

6. It takes 5 to 7 impressions/ interactions before a consumers remembers a brand; Consistency of experience & repetition over time increase brand recognition.

7. But it takes just 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand.

8. Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.

Fun Fact: One-third (33%) of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo.

9. Shared values account for 64% of brand relationships

10. Companies with a strong employer brand see the cost of hiring decrease by 43%; You don’t pick talent, the talent picks you.

Bonus: The brand worth the most in the entire world is Alphabet – better known as Google. It’s worth $286 billion

  • Brands acquire value through use, recognition, and customer loyalty. Alphabet, Inc., the parent company behind Google, knows the value of branding and works hard to ensure that Google remains a household name (but not a verb – we search, we don’t “google” something.)

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