The launch of Menara YTL marks a milestone for us. Some of you have seen YTL grow from its humble beginnings to the international infrastructure conglomerate that it is today. Our rapid expansion has required us to work in different locations. But now, our brand new HQ will unite more of us under one roof. In preparation for the big move, here’s four things for you to look forward to:

  1. Always one of the first and most important things we want to know: food. 
  • We have our very own cafe on the 8th floor called Cantina! 
  • Operating hours are from 8.00am – 5:30pm on weekdays, with plenty of seating available.
  • Payment is cashless – they accept debit/credit cards (except American Express) or selected e-Wallets (including GrabPay, AliPay, Boost Pay, Fave Pay, and Touch n’ Go e-wallet).
  • Cantina will be run by VCR, an F&B company whose claim to fame is in their single-origin, award-winning, specialty coffee. Caffeine-lovers, you can look forward to many more brew-tiful days because their coffee beans will be available for purchase. You can find out more about VCR from their website and Facebook page.
  1. The new HQ is a green building. 

The most important thing you need to note:

  • “No smoking within the premises” policy! 

Other interesting things you might want to know:
Many sustainable features have been incorporated into the building design to reduce overall negative environmental impact. 

  • Motion sensor-controlled lighting
  • Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) systems
  • “Grasscrete” (a paving material that helps to reduce stormwater run-off and reduce the heat island effect).
  1. It’s your first day moving in, how do I get around? 

Part 1: Getting to Menara YTL

Where can I park? 

  • All parking bays in Menara YTL are designated. If you have not been assigned one, you can find alternative parking at nearby parking lots that are open-air or covered (eg. Lot 10 Shopping Centre and Starhill Gallery).
  • For visitors, there is no onsite Visitor Parking available. You can recommend that they park at Starhill Gallery.

Using public transport : 

Part 2: Getting around within Menara YTL

  • How do I use these high-tech lifts that don’t have conventional numbered buttons for each floor? The lifts are fully automated, so you will need your ID card with you at all times. Follow the simple steps below:
    (1) Scan your ID card on the reader.
    (2) Type in/select your desired floor.
    (3) There are 12 lifts, A to L. One of the lifts will be assigned to you (e.g. Lift B).
    (4) Head to your assigned lift and ride it to your selected floor.
  • If you entered the wrong lift & arrived on a floor that you didn’t intend to go to, don’t panic. Just step out, tap your ID card on the reader, and it will assign you to a new lift to get you where you need to go.   
  1. How many floors are there? What are the common floors that everyone has access to?
  • There are a total of 41 floors including 2 basement parking floors.
  • Common floors are on levels 8 (sky lobby with a roof garden) and 9, where the cafe and meeting rooms are located. 
  • Visitors are strictly NOT ALLOWED to access other floors. 

Some of us may be moving office, but we’ll be maintaining the things that are fundamental to the YTL identity: our vision, our core values, and (interesting fact) our street (YTL Plaza & Menara YTL are located along the same street as YTL’s first offices at 54C, currently known as the 54C Learning Space – Jalan Bukit Bintang!). We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new chapter – a chapter of greater interaction and collaboration between the diversely talented members of the YTL family.

P.S. You can find all this information and much more in the Menara YTL Guide.