by Caryl Teh

Stuck at home? You may not be able to go outside, but ain’t nobody gonna stop you from busting a move inside. A song a day could keep the blues away! So here’s ours from the 90’s:

1991 – Be Our Guest (Beauty & The Beast)
Who doesn’t love anything food-related?

1992 – No Scrubs (TLC)
Disclaimer: don’t be discouraged boys, this opinion does not hold true for all ladies.
Alternatively, this was also the year of the movie “Batman Returns” and a compilation of “The Best of Bond… James Bond”.

1993 – I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)
For all those feeling sentimental today, go ahead, hop on a zoom video call and have a karaoke session with your teammates. We know you want to.
And for those who want to get up and take a dance break, we’ve got you covered too. Check out Los Del Rio’s rendition of Macarena:

1994 – Hakuna Matata (Lion King)
It’s our problem-free philosophy!

1995 – You Gotta Be (Des’ree)
Stuart Elliott, The New York Times: “an infectiously sunny tune about the affirmative powers of self-confidence”.

1996 – Mission Impossible Theme Song
Because aren’t we all on some sort of mission in life? 

1997 – MMMBop (Hanson)
For you doo-wop fans out there.
Message of the song: hold on to things that really matter to you because life is fleeting. 

1998 – I’ll Make A Man Out of You (Mulan)
Even if you’re a woman, apparently. 

1999 – Mambo No 5 (Lou Bega)
Got that smooth brass section, and a catchy rhythm, what else do you need for a little dance break?