It’s no fun coming to office when you haven’t had a good night’s rest. If you’re suffering from sleepless nights, fret not! Here are some  incredible tips to help you sleep faster and better. 

Stick to the appropriate sleep guide

Sleep requirements vary from person to person. The table below recommends how many hours of sleep is needed from children to senior adults. Check it out, you may be in for a surprise.

Now that you know the appropriate sleeping hours for your age, try to sleep at the same time consistently. Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm and this relies on consistency. Anchoring your sleep and wake time in place is a cue to your body about when you should be awake and when you should be asleep. 

Say NO to caffeine at night

Caffeine consumption before bedtime obviously will affect the quality of your sleep. Research says, “caffeine blocks the adenosine receptor to prevent you from sleeping”. So, stay away from caffeine several hours before bedtime.


Don’t take your smartphone to bed

Earlier surveys have shown that “your sleep cycle is affected seriously by your LED screens.” Reading the screen before sleeping makes you feel sleepy and tiresome in the morning as you wake up. Limit your screen time to at least an hour before going to bed. Don’t let the phone control you!

 Ensure your room is dark

 A dark room will help you sleep better and help maintain your sleep cycle. Try to avoid excessive light in the bedroom because it will     eventually impact your quality of sleep. If you’re sharing a room with someone else who doesn’t sleep at the same time as you do, try using   blindfolded eye masks so that you can enjoy a night of deep sleep

Don’t wait until you feel sleepy

Don’t wait until you are sleepy. Setting a regular bedtime will eventually turn into a healthy habit. You will find yourself being more active and productive the morning after. Learn how to prioritise so that you don’t have to stay up late to finish up your work. 




Now that you know how to sleep better, try it out!. But should you experience acute sleeping disorders, take action and get some help from your doctor!