by Caryl Teh

You might have seen this before on just another one of those ordinary days: you reach the office, get a cup of coffee, turn on your work computer, open the internet browser, and google’s logo is a cute celebration-themed doodle!

Yup, if you didn’t know before, google does a lot of cute little doodles to celebrate some of the strangest, wackiest, most interesting things. Today, we’d like to share some interactive google doodles that you and your loved ones can play together.

Spin a wheel! You might play, you might learn - either way, you’ll have a lot of fun. (so much that you might not even need the other sections!)

  1. (easy) Compose a little tune on the piano or the guitar
  1. (easy) Learn more about how a piano works
  1. (medium) For those a little more advanced with their music skills, try matching scores to Beethoven’s famous tunes
  1. (advanced) Show us how creative you sound mixers can get with this google doodle

  1. Do some basic coding
  1. Dr Who?
  1. Don’t own a Rubik’s cube? No worries, Google has you covered with an interactive version!

  1. Fight some real hot chilli peppers
  1. Learn about garden gnomes and do some virtual gardening
  1. Revolutionise communication with the Pony Express
  1. Raise your hands if you remember Pacman!
  1. Have your own virtual family games!
    Basketball, soccer, hurdles, slalom canoe, or cricket.
  1. Eating too much candy is never good for you. So how about grabbing virtual candy instead?
  1. Alternatively, get your Harry Potter on and celebrate Halloween (early)... with cats!
  1. Do you know what a zamboni is?
  1. The earth wouldn’t be this bee-autiful without these amazing insects!

  1. Make Valentine’s Day happen while learning about pangolins!
    Giant pangolin, Indian pangolin, Chinese pangolin, and the Philippine pangolin.
  1. Strange but sincere hypothetical animal romance
  1. Forbidden lovers (no, not Romeo and Juliet), separated by a great river, who are only allowed to meet once a year on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar.
  1. Good old chocolate making

  1. Get in the Mother’s Day mood (May is fast approaching!)
  1. Virtual pinata, anyone?
  1. Ever wondered how a total lunar eclipse looks like?

We hope these activities add some fun to your otherwise normal day at home. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and tell us which ones you liked best!