When my father founded the YTL Group, we started in construction with contracts to build structures in army camps and schools. From our humble beginnings, we revolutionised the construction industry by introducing turnkey construction to Malaysia. We built faster and always delivered on time at a reasonable price.

Over the years, we have grown from strength to strength. We expanded beyond being a construction company into an infrastructure development company in order to create a more sustainable environment for the future of our company and our staff. Today we have grown into a multifaceted brand well respected globally.

In our businesses, we build infrastructure, utilities like power and water, housing, hotels, organisations, and businesses. We’re not only a construction brand, we’re also a destination brand, an investment brand, and to others, we’re also a family brand.

But at the core of our business, we are in the business of nation building. As builders, we have always stood for what we believed in, and strived to build better and higher to offer world class services and products at competitive prices, whether it’s building great experiences, infrastructure, or education. Through our 60 years, we have become one of Malaysia’s most valuable businesses.

Our work and our legacy stands the test of time because we chose to turn the right opportunity, into the right thing, and the right thing into lasting value. We’re about building value that is not simply lasting, but worthy of lasting.

YTL at its core is about building the right thing. Not just in construction, but from services to enriching experiences. This legacy of the building the right thing allows us to open the door to new opportunities, and is our trademark around the world. At YTL, we build the right thing.

We’re able to do this, because the most important thing we build in value is people. We’re invested in building a family culture that has evolved over the years to form the foundation our business. At the heart of our brand are five values.

Honesty, Hardwork, Moral Responsibility, Togetherness, and Vitality. These enduring values have kept us strong. And if we stick to these values they will continue keep us strong as we move beyond 60 years.

To communicate these values more clearly, we’ll be communicating with you throughout the year on how you can engage these values everyday in your workplace. These values are an essential part of what it means to work in YTL.

These are our values that have built best in class people with best in class thinking in every area of work. There are indeed many bright and capable people in YTL, and we look forward to building the right thing together with you.

God Bless you all as always.