by Raja Rajeswari a/p Jayakumar

An effective team will assist their business to fulfill their objectives. How can you tell if you’re part of one? Here are five main features of an effective team in a workplace.

1. Clear Direction

Everyone in the team knows why the group exists, and the role they play towards it. They fully comprehend the company’s objectives, work towards measurable goals, and have a strong sense of purpose. These provide them with a definite direction to do an efficient job.

2. Open Communication

Team members prefer face-to-face communication in order to resolve issues, instead of talking behind each other’s back. The higher the transparency in the team’s communication, the more comfortable the team will be to share their ideas and perspectives.

3. Team Trust

Trust means relying on someone else to do the correct thing. When there is trust among your team, you will feel comfortable to open up about issues and try to work together on solving problems that arise in the workplace.

4. Fair Contribution

Every member of the team contributes their fair share of the workload and understands their duties and place of responsibility in the workplace. A fair workload share between members of the team typically prevents unhappy thinking such as “I do more jobs than others.”

5. Good Leadership

Usually, a powerful team has a leader they trust and respect. An effective team leader can communicate firmly and trust his own as well as his team members’ abilities. A good team leader always makes sure that his team members are on track and support each other at all times.

Is your team one that embodies all these features? If not, take the right steps to make your team more awesome!