Work Together, Help Each Other!

The school administration of SJKT Hj. Manan sent a bouquet of flowers to SPYTL’s staff at Section 3, Kluang as a token of appreciation on 5th January 2021. RUB2 had been constructed within the school’s vicinity and had resulted in bad traffic congestion around the school. As always, our project representatives stepped in to ease the problem and created a special lane for the parents to send their children to school without much trouble. Appreciating SPYTL’s effort, the school’s management and PTA hand delivered a flower bouquet to our site office in Kluang. Kudos to the Section 3 team for their proactive action to help the school’s community!! Well done, Team!

Align with our 3-year transformation
themes: "Build the SPYTL Brand.”

On behalf of SIPP-YTL, Mukhsen Mokhtar (Liaison Officer, Section 3) receiving a flower bouquet from a representative from SJKT Hj. Manan