For Christmas this year, we celebrated the festival amidst a new norm just like all other festivals in 2020. On 18th December 2020, we gathered 60 selected staff at The Hub, Level 23, Menara YTL for a sparkly and glittery Christmas celebration and it was also broadcasted live to all staff who didn’t get the chance to join the event in person. The event was honored by the presence of Dato’ Yeoh Seok Hong, Datin Kathleen Chew, Dato’ Mark Seok Kah, Dato’ Sri Azmi Abdul Aziz,  Dato’ Long See Wool, Mr. Jacob Yeoh, Mr. Yeoh Keong Yuan, Ms. Lee Ching Yi, Mr. Yeoh Keong Yeen, Ms. Yee Yuen Chin, and other respected directors and staff from various departments.

The Christmas celebration started with a lively Christmas Carol opening performance by Ruth Milal Choir kids and their amazing vocal teacher, Kathleen Yoon Shin Ae.  It then continued with a warm opening speech by our dearest Executive Director, Mr. Yeoh Keong Yuan, and then followed by an introduction of the YES Kasi Up campaign by the Deputy CEO of YTL Communications, Mr. Jacob Yeoh.  In conjunction with the YES Kasi Up campaign, YTL Construction took the opportunity to collaborate with YES to run an amazing contest for all YTL Construction staff to not only have the chance to earn extra money, but to have the chance to help others as well. The YTL Construction x YES contest was announced by Mr. Yuan and the good news is all of you will have a chance to win a RM20,000 cash prize!!! For more info on the exciting contest please click HERE.

The event resumed with a hilarious “Get To Know Your Bosses Better! Game participated by our funny bosses, Mr. Yuan, Mr. Yeen, and Miss Tsen. It was a good laugh and allowed everyone to have a glimpse of their funny personal side, apart from always focusing on work! Then we surprised Mr. Yeen and Mr. Jacob to celebrate their birthdays with some cake!

After that it was LUCKY DRAW!! 150 lucky staff were randomly picked and each of them won a surprise gift! The highlight of the lucky draw session was when Dato’ Mark Yeoh added an impromptu Grand Prize: a vacation at Majestic Hotel Melaka. Congratulations to all lucky winners!!

The most anticipated session of the event was the Best Sparkly, Glittery Dressed competition and Myra Superio from Architecture Department was crowned winner, receiving the loudest cheers from the floor! Congratulations, Myra!! Those who attended the Christmas celebration also got the chance to decorate sugar cookies with Christmas themed icing. It was fun as everyone who joined got to creatively revealed their hidden talent in decorating!

The event ended with a toast by Dato’ Yeoh Seok Hong, accompanied by our lovely Datin Kathleen Chew. It was a warmhearted Christmas celebration to close the year 2020.

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