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Transformation Plan 2.0

In 2016, we embarked on our first ever Transformation Plan to achieve our goal of being a RM1 billion revenue company. We were able to achieve this together with all our hard work, commitment and passion. Now, we look above and beyond.


The next phase of our transformation plan for 2021 – 2023 will focus on 3 key pillars: Talent, Technology and Innovation.


Guided by our YTL Core Values of Honesty, Hard Work, Moral Responsibility, Togetherness & Vitality, combined with the incredible people of our company, we are given the responsibility to help one another and the permission to dream big.


All this with one goal in mind, to become the No. 1 construction company in Malaysia.


Join us on our journey to go Above and Beyond.


Read our full report on our initiatives by clicking on the link below. 

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Our Pillars

The Transformation 2.0 plan is supported by three core pillars that will help us accomplish our vision in the next three years.


We commit ourselves to using the right tools for every task we have ahead of us. In every area of development, we seek to continually challenge ourselves to utilise modern technology in order to be fully digitalised and on the cutting edge.

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We empower the right people in every challenge we have ahead of us. Our culture ensures that no one is left behind and are continually developing their expertise. We strive to have the best work culture to attract the best talent and develop highly-skilled professionals.

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We believe we can achieve greater goals with new ways of thinking. Through efficient and robust processes, we aim to foster innovation, which lies at the heart of all we do to create unique value as we build the right thing.

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